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Crossfit Urban Edge


The idea for CrossFit Urban EDGE one of the best fitness centers in the heart of Singapore (or as we like to call it, our “box”) was based on our individual CrossFit journeys. After doing CrossFit for a number of years while living active lifestyles.

At Crossfit Urban Edge, they noticed significant improvements in each of their fitness levels and overall mental and physical well-being. Some of us who are athletes observed that CrossFit markedly improved our endurance and performance in our chosen sport.

It is Crossfit Urban Edge’s passion and belief in CrossFit which led them to create their box in order to help people like you discover your personal EDGE – getting you to feeling, looking, and thinking your best on your own terms and at your own pace.

CrossFit for is the keystone to transforming each and every clients’ both physically and mentally side. Through CrossFit you can lose significant amount of fat and improved your physique as well as gaining mental toughness that will allow you to face both physical and mental obstacles with confidence and enthusiasm.

CrossFit Urban Edge is a boutique CBD based CrossFit facility, fully air conditioned and located in Singapore’s beautiful heritage area.



Fitness at its finest!

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Fitness Club

Crossfit Urban Edge

If you want to improve yourself f and be more fit, Crossfit Urban Edge is the fitness center for you! I first came here last year and it has been my main fitness center ever since.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Urban Foundation
  • Urban WOD
  • Urban Gymnastics
  • Urban Recover – Yoga
  • Power WOD

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