Fitness Center
68 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089527
+65 6509 8880



CruCycle is a fitness center in Singapore that offers one of the most invigorating 50 minute sweat inducing exercise, suitable for all levels. You need to get ready and prepare to be challenged with this whole body exercise.

At CruCycle, each and every workout promotes healthy lifestyle as it activates all muscle groups, while inspiring you to push beyond your limits. Promoting togetherness, the ‘pack’, led by inspirational instructors, rides close together in a dark room to the same beat at all times.

Cru as they define it is the process of developing and maturing physically, mentally and spiritually. CruCycle came up of this process with the same passion and mentality of a wolf and its wolf pack. CruCycle aspires to thrive and exist for the pursuit of organic growth, not as an individual, but alongside our pack, shoulder-to-shoulder.

At CruCycle, they assure you that this attitude extends beyond the studio, into your daily lives and the communities around them; human or animal, whose lives they can enrich through their passion. A portion from every rider goes towards one of our pre-selected community projects under CruCares.