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Donna Beauty

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Donna Beauty is a beauty salon that has been inspired by the modern era for Asian Beauty Timeless, Sophistication and Elegance.

Donna Beauty, as for how they perceive elegance maintains on upholding their philosophy “elegance” in an instant impels their commitment to provide 1 stop beauty solution to look your best anytime, anywhere.

Also, Donna Beauty aspires to be a market leader in the field of eyebrow design, to enhance personal elegance in every individual and to give each and every customer premium services with great passion

Donna Beauty upholds in a vision to maintain its position in the beauty industry in Singapore, as well as to increase its core service by increasing retails branches island wide. As one of the well trusted and best beauty expert in Singapore, Donna Spa will strive to maintain high standards of service in the field of beauty.

Donna Beauty offers every customer, men and women, comprehensive variety of treatments and services, to cater to the best interest of our customers, Nurture our staffs to provide premium customer service to our customers, Novelty with the services we provide to our customer, in tune with time, Strive to make our prices affordable without compromising the standards.