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DrSpa Pacific Plaza


DrSpa Pacific Plaza, a modern and out of the box aesthetics clinic in Singapore here to provide each and every customers the best and safest treatments to suit they lifestyles best in order to achieve their desired looks.

DrSpa Pacific Plaza is a professional facility that has been designed to be a haven of peace for each and every client who enters their doors. DrSpa Pacific Plaza is one to beat in terms of providing a truly therapeutic spa experience.

At DrSpa Pacific Plaza they want to be the one that provides you with a serene experience, one that heals both mind and body. Step in and you can leave all of your stress from the busy city streets and the cares of the world behind. Our signature scent calms and uplifts at the same time while the warm lights of the candles lull and entrance.

Begin your retreat in our spa with a cup of fragrant herbal tea specially blended to complement your chosen treatment and optimize its benefits. You will then be ushered to the spa treatment rooms, stylishly appointed with custom designer couches and beds.