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Elements Wellness Centrepoint


Elements Wellness Centrepoint is a beauty salon in Singapore that performed its first massage more than a decade ago and have done more than a million massage since. It started with a bunch of regular folks craving “shiok” massages.

Being one of the best beauty salon and spa in Singapore, the customers flowed through the doors and some have not left since. At the same time, providing the same development formula did rigorous research and testing, in which they vow that no animals have been harmed,  introduced a comprehensive range of customized treatments.

Elements Wellness Centrepoint upholds a philosophy that to only offer professional grade products (containing the best technology and ingredients in optimum concentrations) combined with cutting edge technology in skincare machines to treat and solve skin problems. Till today their poster boy, The Olympian has maintained his youthful appearance and is still can be the poster boy of the spa.

Elements Wellness Centrepoint is a team of people dedicated to making others happy and improving clients’ health and wellness through the power of technology, products, ancient healing traditions and the magic of touch.



Good massages

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Elements Wellness Centrepoint

Elements Wellness Centrepoint offers a wide range of good massage. If you want the best for your first time you should try the whole body massage like I did!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Pain Management
  • Slim & Tone Treatments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wellness
  • TCM Clinic
  • Onsen Therapy


#B1-30 ION Orchard (near Forever 21 and Swensen’s)  2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Tel: 6738 3788
SMS: 9059 8188

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