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Hello! I am Eloise and this is where I run my little & private nail business at home in this sunny town called Singapore.

It all began when I was fascinated by those American Youtubers who do their own nails (acrylics and embossed flowers) and I’ve started buy more cheap kits through ebay to play with them on my own. It’s was then that I realised: “cheap nails ain’t good, good nails ain’t cheap”.

From then on, I began on my nail journey at Pink Room in early 2011, learning all the proper techniques on cuticle care to service a client, the technical parts about structures of nails, of extensions etc. Also, the buying didn’t stop, there’s just so many things to play with when it comes to nails, always moving forward and forever innovative.

In December 2012, I took the Pink Room Diploma Examinations and was awarded with  Distinction when the results were announced in March 2013. I am proud to say that I am professionally certified to provide nail services to clients.

Throughout the years I’ve worked at various nail salons in Singapore, gaining more experiences, improving on my artwork, and even perfecting the basics, never stopping! I will work hard toward my goal of becoming a nail artist in Japan (or at least working and living there :P)!

So let me work my magic on your nails, and you, help me grow to be a better nail artist!


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Among their many services are the following:

  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Nail Extensions
  • Nail Art

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