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Face Plus By Yamano

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Located on the 4th level of Orchard Central beside the wildly popular Tanuki Raw, Face Plus by Yamano is not exactly most posh facial salon we’ve seen in Singapore. Especially from the outside, the decor is simple.

Yet, this is the place we ALWAYS see Japanese ladies go in and out of this facial salon!

Given that most facial therapists here are Singaporean, not Japanese, this was really surprising for us. Do the Japanese ladies know something we don’t?

A quick check on Face + by Yamano revealed something interesting. Face + isn’t just a typical facial salon; it is actually a subsidiary of the main company Yamano / Doronko Cosmetics, a brand specializing in using Amber and Clay in its beauty products!

As interesting as Doronko clay is for ladies with sensitive and acne-prone skin, we’re far more intrigued with Amber! Who would have thought that a gem such as Amber can be made into beauty products?

Excited to find out more, we read up about Amber. Neither a crystal nor a mineral, amber is in a class of its own, a material that highly coveted for its healing properties. Originating from fossilised sap, amber contains succinic acid that aids in aerobic respiration of our cells and growth of new cells, stimulates hyaluronic acid production within the skin and fights free radicals to slow down aging.

Hoping to harness this power, Mikio Yamano obtained amber from a special source in Russia and performed research on Amber with a well known laboratory in Japan. After a decade of research, Yamano’s award winning Bidou products now incorporates both high quality clay and pure amber extract in its products!

It is exactly this product that Face+ uses for its customers. Judging by the number of regular customers coming back to Face+ over the past 7 years and the flawless skin of its facial therapists, the Bidou product from Yamano appears to be working really well!

That’s the first thing we noticed when we got the chance to chat with Face+ therapists – their skin all look so supple and moisturized that they glow! We believe that facial therapists and their skin condition are often the best ambassadors for the quality of the facial and the facial products so we’re really tempted to give Face+ a go!

Despite the more humble environment, the facial therapists here impress with their one of the best facial routines we’ve experienced. Whether in rhythm, pressure or accuracy of facial acupoints, the therapists here got it just right! Don’t be surprised when you find your face glows for 2 weeks after the facial because it’s just so good!

We don’t think its just that one therapist who is fabulous though. As all facial therapists here have their facial routine standardized by the resident Japanese therapist Nanaho, the facial feels almost exactly the same no matter who you choose. This means that you’re experiencing what a Face+ facial feels like in Japan although you’re in Singapore.

This also means that there is ZERO hardselling for their packages or homecare products (because that’s just not the Japanese way!)

The therapists here may introduce the best combination of Yamano homecare products for you or share about their unique twice a month facial membership, but they will just let you know and wave you off with a smile if you do not feel up to it.

With great technique, great products, and exquisite service, we think the facial here at Face+ by Yamano ranks among the best in Singapore!