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Feathery Studio Singapore

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Founded by Wendy, Feathery Studio is a beauty salon that runs out of a strong passion for lashes. As it turns out, a hobby and addiction have grown to become what it is today. They currently offer a wide range of beauty service for ladies revolving around eyebrow embroidery, eyelashes extensions, lash lifting and manicure!

Wendy strongly that believes that women deserve to feel good and she is committed to making it a reality. Equipped with her highly-skilled techniques and knowledge in her expertise, she is dedicated to giving her clients the best looks they deserve.

The salon delivers relaxing sessions and hopes her clients are able to get a quick recharge in the process! By providing the best possible experience, Wendy wishes to become the preferred choice of the salon for all her clients. At Feathery Studio, they also offer customize services uniquely for each customer to ensure you get the best experience here.