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Fitness Bravo

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Fitness Bravo is one of Singapore’s top fitness centers where you can give yourself the supple attention in order for you to gain the fitness and body you desire.

Fitness Bravo offers a wide variety of sweat-inducing classes like Functional Strength Training, Girl Power classes for the ladies, HIIT & Run, a cardio training for the heart, Core Blaster for the core as well as Basic Calisthenics.

At Fitness Bravo they understand that everyone is unique therefore they basically customize workouts to tailor each and every need of the clients. They also provide customize personal training or group training services. Here they assure you that there is full privacy and No massive crowds.

At Fitness Bravo the gym membership is free, no sign up fee and no hidden costs. It is their goal to make your goal their commitment. According to them they are poised to better your health and lifestyle. Helping you to educate, guide, motivate and advise you.