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Fitness Factory

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Fitness Factory consists of well adjusted and healthy trainers for everybody, they are one of the fastest growing and quickly becoming the best fitness center in Singapore.

Here at Fitness Factory, fitness programs are ultimately planned and developed by people combines with knowledge and expertise of the people behind the program, therefore, play a crucial part in the program’s success.

At Fitness Factory, the expertise of their trainers is without question they let their bodies speak for their effectiveness. The founders, Augustine Lee and Joan Liew, are pioneers of the industry who are recognized for their achievements and lauded for their leadership.

In Fitness Factory Singapore You can now tap on this expertise to get the best out of your training. Augustine and Joan will personally meet up with you to understand your needs and objectives.

A trainer who can best deliver the program that fits your requirements will then be assigned to you. It is personal touch like this that ensures you get the results you desire.