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Flare Wellness

A scent of calmness takes over your mind, body and soul as you make your first step into ‘The Organic Room’. With its cosy interior, it will seem like you’re in a girlfriend’s boudoir. Complete with a warm smile from our professional therapist.

Flare Wellness is a green sanctuary located in the heart of Singapore. Established in 2012, we began our journey as a home-based beauty salon. 7 years later, the business has earned its wings and flourished. Currently, we provide organic treatments such as facials, sugaring and make-overs.

Our experienced certified therapist will customise a treatment uniquely for your skin. Only the finest high-quality eco-certified skincare will be used, imported from exotic countries like South Africa, Estonia and Italy.

The organic facials are painless. No extractions which are damaging to the epidermis layer of your skin. Purifying masks and repair oils are being used in replacement to decongest the skin. Luxurious facial massages by the skilful hands of our therapist will help drain the lymph nodes, improve circulation, firming and brightening of the skin. A sustainable solution to a younger and radiant looking skin.

Ultimately, our customers have to benefit from the results of the treatments and by using the products recommended by us. We aim to be the best organic skincare and beauty service provider in Singapore and hopefully in Asia.

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Worth it!


Flare Wellness

During the facial, I actually fell asleep. And that is not a bad thing! The overall process has been easy and relaxing that I managed to fell asleep. Lol!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Organic Therapy
  • Sugaring
  • Green Makeup Class
  • Organic Lifestyle Workshop
  • Personal Skincare Workshop
  • Organic Beauty Therapy
  • ​Certificate Course
  • Advanced Organic Beauty
  • Therapy Certificate Course

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