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Focus Hairdressing

Focus Hairdressing is a top hair salon in Singapore that is sure to cater for your every hair styling problem. If you are looking for a somewhat affordable rebonding service hair salon in Singapore, Focus Hairdressing is your best bet.

According to Focus Hairdressing they are “a humble unpretentious salon hidden in the middle of town, Focus Hairdressing would definitely not win any prizes for the most luxurious salon out there. The place is small, the furnishings slightly tired and the surrounding area not the most premium of locations in Orchard.”

Although the quality hair products used are not friendly in  the pockets, Founder Marcus Kee has tried to keep the prices for their high quality services as low as possible to keep his hair services the most affordable choice for most customers. Compare prices for hair services such as MUCOTA Argan Oil Straightening and you’ll probably find Focus Hairdressing offers one of the most affordable price!

Focus Hairdressing is one of the more experienced hair salon in MUCOTA Rebonding, rebonding at FOCUS Hairdressing tends to be long-lasting and natural-looking, the stylists are pretty good at adding C curls or J curls for those who are not fans of the stick straight look making it not only a crowd favorite, it also won the hearts of the people.




Pretty Impressed!

Avatar pashmina159
Hair Salon

Focus Hairdressing

Came here to dye my hair. Stylist listened to what I am looking to achieve and also made some recommendations based on my budget and constraints. Then bleached and dyed my hair. It was a long session but they made sure I was entertained throughout. Thank you for helping me to achieve what I am looking for! :)

Hair managers!

Avatar betwordpressp
Hair Salon

Focus Hairdressing

I have unruly hair but it ended when I started going here. They helped me in conditioning my hair so it was incredibly soft when I walked out of the salon. They are all very friendly.


Avatar felicityicey
Hair Salon

Focus Hairdressing

My C Curl perm looks amazing and thanks to Yahnie. She was the one who decided to trim my hair first and she reduced the length which will match the C curl to my face. Thanks!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Wash and Blow
  • Styling
  • Root Retouch
  • Colour Correction
  • Half Head Highlight
  • Full Head Highlight
  • Volume Rebonding
  • MUCOTA Rebonding
  • MUCOTA DYNA Argan Oil Straightening
  • Keratin Straightening
  • Partial Perm
  • MUCOTA Digital Perm
  • MUCOTA 3 Step Scena Ultra Soft Repair Treatment
  • MUCOTA 3 Step Colour Treatment
  • MUCOTA Peal Shine Treatment
  • Original & Mineral 7 day Miracle
  • NIOXIN 6 Step Renew Scalp Treatment
  • NIOXIN 4 Step Restore Scalp Treatment

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