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Follicle Salon, Singapore’s 1st total solution hair centre. Although famous for being the first total solution hair centre in Singapore, Follicle Salon is one of the top beauty salons in the country spreading its influence in the country.

Follicle hair salon uses a scientific approach to combat hair problems, using proven diagnosis techniques, doctor-developed treatments and long-term management as the keys to sustainable hair health for hair loss can be due to many reasons, such as stress, lifestyle, and genetics.

Follicle Salon upholds its principles since its conception that they must select and provide the people with the best ingredients and know-how to help clients have both beautiful and healthy hair. To be with Follicle Salon means to go beyond just using organic and hypo-allergenic products, as this alone will not fix scalp disease.

Instead, at Follicle Salon, they rely on medical research and co-curation with Korean trichologists to develop a new combination of Hair treatments to help troubled scalps and hair loss patients.