Francis & Jean Hair Salon
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Francis Jean Hair Salon

The simple desire in beautifying not only herself but the people around her has aided in cultivating her passion for the beauty industry at a young and adventurous age. With no regrets, Jean traveled across the shores to Singapore at a tender age of eighteen to launch her beauty career. In a blink of an eye, this passion blossomed into a three-decade long affair.

At the young age of twenty-two, Jean used what litter capital she had at that time to establish her own hair salon in Singapore. Unfortunately, the company folded due to lack of managerial experience. However, with supportive family and friends, they encouraged Jean to persevere and pursue her ambition. Thus, she honed her skills in London and continued to establish herself again in Singapore.

Motivated by the words of a faithful friend –‘’Success or failure lies in your own hands’’, Francis & Jean Hair Styling Team was set up in 1999 along the bustling Orchard Road of Lucky Plaza. Till date, Francis & Jean Hair Salon has evolved into a one –stop solutions centre for all your beauty needs, providing services such as professional hair styling, make up services, manicure and pedicure.

Possessing years of experience and unwavering determination, Jean ensures that the evergreen Hair Styling Team stays current and ahead of times, always fostering good clientele-relations and delivering quality results.

This entrepreneurial spirit has inspired Jean to open her second branch five years later. Believing that one should still have the passion regardless of receiving overwhelming success from his/her stabilized business, she is constantly on the ball in enhancing her services, making Francis & Jean Hair Styling Team a more beautiful place.


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Among their many services are the following:

  • Hair Colouring
  • Hair Perm & Rebong
  • Hair Cutting and Styling
  • Hair Treatment
  • Nails

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