Frangipani Wellness Spa
18A Baghdad Street, #02-01 Singapore 199657
62955358 / 98323474

Frangipani Wellness Spa

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Frangipani Wellness Spa is in the heart of Arab St, specialising in waxing, massage and henna services. The top wellness spa is proud of their qualified, insured and highly trained Waxologist with over 7 years of experience, making it one of the best wellness spa in Singapore.

Frangipani Wellness Spa is committed in providing professional and affordable services by qualified, insured and highly trained Waxologist proviging with a full Face and Body waxing and threading menu, Frangipani Wellness Spa it is definitely a place to look out for to take care of those gnarly bushes!

Also, Frangipani Wellness Spa in Singapore provides almost painless hair removal processes ranging from full face to body waxing and threading. They do their best to offer each and every client a pleasant experience and smooth silky skin. The spa caters to female customers only.

Lastly, you can now treat your body to a much needed massage that will dispel all hints of knots and strains with Frangipani Wellness Spa’s traditional Javanese massage that uses long strokes with palm and thumb pressure to ease muscle, joint pain and improves blood circulation.