Beauty Salon
Block 135 Jurong Gateway Road, - #02-333  Jurong, 600135, Singapore
+65 6252 5180

Fresh Beauté


Fresh Beauté is an aesthetics clinic as well as a beauty salon in Singapore that provides a wide variety of services ranging from Aqua Phyt’s, White Bio-Active, Soin Minceur Bio-Active as well as Bust Care.

Fresh Beauté believes in providing the most natural beauty regime by combining beauty and pleasure with their delicate effective and 100% safe rituals that are thoughtfully designed  and purposely well executed by their experienced beauticians; efficiency and safety with the use of PHYT’S, a Certified Organic skincare treatment from France that contains 100% natural ingredients.

As a working professionals today, everyone are constantly exposed to daily aggressors, such as stress, UV rays and 100’s of different chemicals everyday. Hence, having natural skincare treatment not only helps to address your skincare issues in a safer and gentler way, it also relaxes your mind, bringing back good health, positive thinking, and happiness and that is what Fresh Beauté is willing to provide: Fresh Beauty.