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435 Orchard Road, #03-12 Wisma Atria
+65 6268 4109

Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon

| 5.0 Average Rating | 3 Reviews

We’ve been to many good and great hair salons in Orchard and beyond. However, few are as warm and inviting as Gene!

Perhaps its because its an AVEDA salon – the decor is classy and the lemongrass scent has a calming effect on us the moment we entered.

Or perhaps it’s Dawn’s insistence in selecting the right stylists and creating a customer-oriented environment that makes the difference.

Here, stylists are not pressured to hit sales targets. Instead, Dawn asks for only one thing: to give every customer a good experience.
Therefore, it is common to see stylists chatting happily with their customers, their composure relaxed as they can now genuinely enjoy what they are doing and give their best.

Because they’re able to connect with the stylists here, most people who try Gene go back to the salon a second, third, fourth, fifth time… before they realize, this has become their salon of choice.

It’s easy to go back to Gene; after all, it is one of the most inexpensive salons we see along Orchard! You may not have a Korean stylist or Japanese stylist on the team but the local stylist team all have at least 8 years of experience, so the prices are really reasonable given their skill and experience. We hear that customers especially satisfied with their Men’s Haircuts or Ladies’ Haircuts, AVEDA Scalp and Hair Treatments and Blowouts!

If there’s one thing we’d lament, the salon can get a little noisy and cramped especially after work hours and weekends when its full.