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Hair Plus Korean Salon was the first Korean hair salon opened in 2005 at Far East Plaza, a well-known beauty services niche.

This hair salon in heart of Singapore started as a more affordable alternative for high-end clientele, offering the same quality products and services, such as L’Oreal Professional and reputable Korean brands.

Most well known to be catering to both the Korean and local community in Singapore, Hair Plus Korean Salon has striven and proven to provide the best in hair styling with a Korean touch that you can be proud of.

At Hair Plus Korean Salon you can expect that they will be bringing new styles, techniques and products available in the Korean market to Singapore. They would also be offering the latest hairstyles in K-Wave cultures, like Volume Rebonding, C-Curl Perm and Creative Coloring. Our senior stylists from Seoul have more than 10 years of experience in the business

Hair Plus is always finding ways to reward their loyal customers, so look out for their monthly promotions and loyalty card scheme. Whether you drop by for a quick trim or decide for a full transformation, Hair Plus Korean Salon hopes that their service will let you bring home a little piece of Korea.




Left the salon unhappy

Avatar gigihadidnt
Hair Salon

Hair Plus Korean Salon

I expected to get good results atleast matching to how much i paid for. $60-$70 dollars for a haircut, i expect to leave the salon chair happy with my hair. The cut was so blunt, and wasn't layered properly. The haircut didn't even flatter my face shape at all. Not worth it.

Trusted Korean Salon!

Avatar wow_fb_melissapinkman
Hair Salon

Hair Plus Korean Salon

You need to completely trust that a Korean hairstylist knows exactly what to do when you give him simple words like ‘short’, ‘c-curl’ and ‘volume rebond’, and even then with Julie, my stylist, she was first to suggest I was good to go with just an A-line bob because my hair’s really straight anyway, and if I were to be diligent to blow dry it daily, I would have a similar c-curl effect. I liked that he was honest, and didn’t try to hard sell anything that didn’t make sense.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Volume Rebonding
  • Volume Rebonding and Korean Perm
  • Men’s Korean Perm
  • Korean Hair Treatment
  • Cinderella Protein Care
  • L’Oréal Color
  • L’Oréal INOA Color
  • Korean Hair Manicure
  • Highlight / Bleach
  • Down Perm
  • Roots Volume Perm


3 Temasek Boulevard #03-338/339,
Singapore 038983
(+65) 6235 5883

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(+65) 6235 2234

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