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Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA


Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA, a Japanese hair salon in Singapore that brought back its fashionable and glamorous Japanese style to Singapore. At Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA, they offer a different kind of hair services that includes a set of treatments ranging from haircut and treatments, haircut and color to haircut and perm.

At Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA, they focus on their customers’ hair matters, such as bounce, body, dryness, greasiness, and smell. They treat them not with some superficial gimmicks, but by fundamentally improving the surrounding environment the hair and scalps, helping make them healthy and beautiful, with the ultimate goal in creating the ideal hairstyles for our customers.

At Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA, they specializes in techniques, treatments, and spas that don’t damage the hair. Some of their hair stylists would even boast to have obtained top-level skills from Japan and they are currently working here, in Singapore, to provide meticulous counseling along with the finest hair-cutting techniques to create the ideal hairstyles for the customers while improving their hair quality at the same time.

All stylists in Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA have highly advanced techniques which will create each of the various styles their customers would wish to have, and they are able to provide and propose the latest trends in Japan and from all over the world for each season.