Hair Salon
6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817
+65 6534 9926

Hanami Barber


Hanami Barber with its distinctly Japanese name is a hair salon, a barber shop that promotes fashionable cutting styles and great services. Hanami Barber is a top pick for Japanese expatriates in Singapore.

At Hanami Barber prices are easily comparable to prices in Japan because of its affordability. Hanami offers a familiar cut, great service and clean environment to go with it. Definitely a hidden gem for males looking for a distinctly Japanese cut!

The stylists are mostly local and may not know how to speak Japanese fluently but their cut is unmistakable. Best of all, you don’t usually have to book way in advance as the salon has sufficient capacity and they offer a good hair massage.

Lastly, Hanami Barber, is a barbershop that aims to continuously provide high technology and service of Japanese barbershop under severe guidance of Japanese owner. There are also many Japanese salaried workers who are drunk for the attentive and snappy measures that kept points.