Healing Touch Spa
Orchid Country Club 1 Orchid Club Road #01-33A (Beside Gym)
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Healing Touch Spa


Healing Touch Spa first opened for the public’s amusement and sanctuary in 2001. Today, Healing Touch Spa is fast becoming a top spa in Singapore that currently has 8 branches across the country.

Healing Touch Spa has now become the most recommended Singapore spa on Facebook earning its “top” status and rated number 3 spa by TripAdvisor users. Other than the raving reviews about the spa and its services, Healing Touch Spa is also rated the top spa brand in a 2016 brand survey conducted in Singapore by Brand Alliance (Influential Brands).

Healing Touch is about holistic wellness. Some of the services they offer are Facials like Bio Mask Calming Facial, Peel Treatment, AHA Purifying Acne Treatment, Light Therapy for Acne. Other services include massages and slimming services.

At Healing Touch Spa, they are dedicated to helping people look and feel better through award winning body massage, slimming and facial treatments. Every therapist focus on delivering the right 4P experience – Right Pressure, Points, Pace (Rhythm) & Pampering experience.

With its great services and professional staffs, the result of conscious effort to create an environment and culture where everyone will feel valued and serve happily with a sense of satisfaction is what makes Healing Touch Spa the best spa in Singapore.