HYPOXI® was invented by an Austrian sports scientist Dr. Egger, who specialized in recovery of post-operative and injured patient, noticed that stubborn fat deposits in poorly circulated areas are resistant to diet and exercise.

The solution is to activate the burning of fatty acids by increasing blood circulation in problematic areas of the body during an easy cardio training programme with HYPOXI®, followed by a healthy diet. Furthermore, additional benefits of increasing blood circulation will be able to aid tissue regeneration and repair through holistic treatments such as cupping and vacuum therapy, which accelerates the disposal of lymph fluid, as well as accumulated toxins from the connective and fatty tissue. This treatment targets clients who are recovering from injury and/or athletes who are recovering from competitions.

HYPOXI® Slimming Center in Singapore is an international company with a network of more than 2000 studios in over 45 countries all over the world, including Singapore with a newly opened slimming center, located conveniently within walking distance from Raffles Place MRT. Treatments from HYPOXI® has proven to yield amazing results, in as little as 12 sessions taken ideally within a one-month period, and is also practiced by many Hollywood celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Cheryl Cole & Robbie Williams.


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