IDS Clinic


The IDS Clinic is helmed by Dr SK Tan whose 30 years of clinical and research experience brings zeal and commitment to his customers through results-oriented products that are backed up by scientific efficacy.

The IDS Clinic is a aesthetic clinic fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and devices that are used in an innovative combination with various topical IDS proprietary products to create unique and exclusive programs and skincare treatment methods that deliver maximum results. The Gold Thread Rejuvenation treatment, for instance, is a one-of-a-kind procedure available only at IDS Clinic Aesthetic. Various other thread lift treatments are also exclusive to us.

A key feature of The IDS Clinic is the use of its very own clinical skincare range. Conceived and developed over several years, IDS skincare products were designed specifically to address the most common skin problems that Dr SK Tan has seen in over 3 decades of clinical experience.

And, unlike consumer skincare for the mass market where cost may be a major inhibiting factor, IDS products have been scientifically formulated to deliver maximum efficacy, using cutting-edge ingredients in optimal concentrations, and rigorously tested by dermatologists. Some of these ingredients are patent-pending and unavailable anywhere else.