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iLash-Bar is the go-to place for perfect eyelash extensions! We love to present to you the new 3D eyelash extension technique and technology from Tokyo, that will cater to your eyelash extension needs with our unique and quality workmanship that is fully customised according to every individual’s eye shape and natural lashes. With products hailing from the best in Tokyo paired with Japanese Eyelash Creative Director with more than 6 years of experience, you can be assured of the finest workmanship in a relaxing comfortable atmosphere suited for a princess.

We take pride in our wide range of synthetic “mink” eyelash extensions that come in a variety of curls, lengths, widths and thickness that are fully customisable to suit your needs. Whether you’re going for the ‘natural’, ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ style, our trained technicians are there to help you achieve your desired look. For we use only the premium lashes and products, you can be assured that the eyelash extension procedure will be a comfortable and pleasant experience. We also provide products direct from Japan to help maintain and extend the life of both your real and synthetic eyelashes.


I wake up looking ten times better already

Avatar happycat_
Beauty Salon

iLash Bar

I love my new lash extensions! The lash technician did a really great job in mixing the different lengths of lash hairs to create the most flattering effect specifically for me. I wake up daily feeling prettier already, and feeling like i dont really need to apply that much makeup on anymore! Would recommend this to other ladies with sparse lashes, this definitely made my eyes look prettier and helped me feel more confident!

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Among their services are the following:

  • Natural iLash
  • Luscious iLash
  • Sexy iLash
  • Unlimited iLash
  • Removal
  • Re-touch
  • Under-lash

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