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  • 60 Buffalo Rd, Singapore Singapore 219804

iShine Beaute and Hair Salon


iShine Beaute and Hair Salon is one of Singapore’s beauty salon the specializes in waxing, sugaring and facial services. It is conveniently located at one of the most accessible place in Singapore: 60 Buffalo Road.

iShine Beaute and Hair Salon is the newest beauty parlor at Little India MRT offering many cosmetics services wherein you can discover the best that you can be: relaxed, rejuvenated and beautiful. Should you want to visit iShine Beaute and Hair Salon, you book your appointment online!

At iShine Beaute and Hair Salon the quality of their services and the comfortability of the customers is the top priority. They offer each of their customers Acne Facial, Oxygen & Collagen Facial, Ultra-sonic Facial, Eyebrows Waxing, Upper Lip + Chin Waxing and Chest Waxing to name a few.





Good waxing services

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Beauty & Hair Salon

iShine Beaute and Hair Salon

iShine Beaute and Hair Salon is one of the most discreet waxing salons I have ever been. You will feel comfortable in no time!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Facial Treatments
    • Rejuvenating Facial
    • Acne Facial
    • Oxygen & Collagen Facial
    • Ultra-sonic Facial
    • Pigmentation / Freckles Facial
    • Lifting & Firming Facial
    • Post Acne Scar Removal Facial
    • Eye Treatment
    • Bright/Light Peel Microdermabrasion & Lifting
  • Waxing
    • Underarm Waxing
    • Half Arms Waxing
    • Full Arms Waxing
    • Half Legs Waxing
    • Full Legs Waxing
    • Fingers & Toes Waxing
    • Facial Waxing
    • Eyebrows Waxing
    • Upper Lip + Chin Waxing
    • Chest Waxing
    • Back Waxing
    • Back & Shoulder Waxing
    • Tummy Waxing
    • Normal Basic Bikini Line Waxing
    • X-Spot / G-Spot Waxing
    • Buttocks Waxing
    • High Low Bikini Line Waxing
    • Traditional Brazilian Waxing
    • Full Monte / Hollywood Waxing
  • Sugaring
    • Underarms Sugaring
    • Half Arms Sugaring
    • Full Arms Sugaring
    • Half Legs Sugaring
    • Full Legs Sugaring
    • Fingers & Toes Sugaring
    • Facial Sugaring
    • Eyebrows Sugaring
    • Upper Lips + Chin Sugaring
    • Chest Sugaring
    • Back Sugaring
    • Back & Shoulder Sugaring
    • Tummy Sugaring
    • Normal Basic Bikini Line Sugaring
    • X-Spot / G-Spot Sugaring
    • Buttocks Sugaring
    • High Low Bikini Line Sugaring
    • Traditional Brazilian Sugaring
    • Full Monte / Hollywood Sugaring

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