Beauty Salon
2 Handy Road #04-02 (1,485.91 mi) Singapore 229233



J.Lashes is a well known eyelash beauty salon in Singapore. The beauty salon is conveniently located at The Cathay #04-03 and 83B Tanjong Pagar Road for easy access for every customers.

They offer a wide variety of services but they focus mainly on providing real life eyelash extensions and services. Some of their most availed services are the 2D Volume, 6D Camellia and 6D Tutu. Moreover, they also have the 9-16D Russina Volume eyelash extensions.

According to them, JLASH premium false eyelashes are individually designed to mimic real eyelashes. Each of our lashes is 100% hand-made which gives it a truly natural look.