Blk 150 Bukit Batok Street 11, 650150
6560 3678

Jia Yu Chun Face & Body Spa

Tucked in a little obscure is a double-storey cosy and unassuming beauty salon that provides top to toe from the crown of your head to the little pedicured nails on your feet.

“Jia Yu Chun” simply means a blessed village. It is the intended to bring blessings to all who steps in.

“Jia Yu” means blessed rain in Chinese. In Ancient Chinese times, rain is a blessing as farming is one of the main source of income for the villagers. Hence, rain is regarded as a blessing in order to prevent drought and famine which affects their livelihood.

“Chun” which means village on the other hand is symbolic of communal peace and harmony. Generally a village is likened to a little town where small groups of people live and look out for each other. It’s like a huge big family that is very closely knitted together. Everybody knows each other in the village and co-exists peacefully and harmoniously.

JIA YU CHUN Face & Body Spa first opens its doors in 1999 with only two beds which occupies only half a unit and was run solely by Madam Teo affectionately known as Swee Yong.

Swee Yong’s professional services and loving care won the hearts of many in the neighbourhood and began expansion to a whole unit within a year and subsequently took over the entire unit on the second level.

Swee Yong not only expanded in size but also in her services constantly seeking new beauty treatments and products to service her faithful clients during the entire journey for the past ten years since the birth of JIA YU CHUN.