Joyre TCMedi Spa - Marine Parade
# 01-05, 168 Punggol Way, Singapore
+65 6457 3766

Joyre TCMedi Spa


Joyre TCMedi Spa is one of Singapore’s best spa that started in the early 2000s by the Chairman and founder of Jiale Pte Ltd, Ms Yang Rong, Degree in Traditional Healing. The Company was setup to provide fusion skin care treatments specially cater for Asia Pacific skin type, distributing prominent products brandings like Dermalogica and Dr Matis.

The Spa knows that when people work hard to create a family, they trade their health and youth away; a stressful and hectic lifestyle causes the body to deteriorate, which is how many uncomfortable sub-health problems arise.

Joyre TCMedi Spa then realised that many people around would benefit from professional therapists who are approachable, together with their ancient recipe for wellness, and achieve beautifying results from the inside out, and lead a lifestyle with vitality offering services like Warm Dynamic Combination, Bust Power Combination, Bust Care Treatment and Feminine Care Treatment.

When you enter Joyre, you will experience their service smoothly while bringing you a soothing sense of comfort, Chinese herbs will cleanse your internal organs and excess moisture, wash away fatigue and bring vitality back to health. Their beauty salon offers massage, facial treatment, slimming treatment, hair removal & wellness program.