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Joyre TCMedi Spa is one of Singapore’s best spa that started in the early 2000s by the Chairman and founder of Jiale Pte Ltd, Ms Yang Rong, Degree in Traditional Healing. The Company was setup to provide fusion skin care treatments specially cater for Asia Pacific skin type, distributing prominent products brandings like Dermalogica and Dr Matis.

The Spa knows that when people work hard to create a family, they trade their health and youth away; a stressful and hectic lifestyle causes the body to deteriorate, which is how many uncomfortable sub-health problems arise.

Joyre TCMedi Spa then realised that many people around would benefit from professional therapists who are approachable, together with their ancient recipe for wellness, and achieve beautifying results from the inside out, and lead a lifestyle with vitality offering services like Warm Dynamic Combination, Bust Power Combination, Bust Care Treatment and Feminine Care Treatment.

When you enter Joyre, you will experience their service smoothly while bringing you a soothing sense of comfort, Chinese herbs will cleanse your internal organs and excess moisture, wash away fatigue and bring vitality back to health. Their beauty salon offers massage, facial treatment, slimming treatment, hair removal & wellness program.




Room for improvement in service

Avatar ziiniing
Joyre TCMedi Spa - Marine Parade

Joyre TCMedi Spa

Don't ever enter unless you are very firm or rich. I'm very disappointed to be leaving a negative review on them. I am sure I'm not the only one who experienced this. Their sales tactic is pushy and there's no sincerity from their service at all. My first visit was because of the $38 promo I saw for a 45mins tuina massage and 15mins foot heating thingy for blood circulation. After the visit, I was led into a room for sales consultation. (Ok fair enough, this applies to all businesses) I declined to continue with their usual package as it's expensive. I ended up relenting when they offered $38x5 vouchers towards the end of our talk. I purchased as it was a good deal. 2nd visit they pushed for their herbal spa which I did show unwillingness due to the price. However I softheartedly relented again @ $198 for 1herbalspa to try out. It haven't reach my threshold until my 3rd visit, which made me determined to leave a bad review on them as I don't want others to encounter a similar experience to me. I really hope they improve on their service. I booked an appointment in advance for the herbalspa(which needs special preparation) and when I came, I heard a staff telling her colleague RIGHT INFRONT OF ME that no preparation was done for me. As I was in front of her, I heard everything and replied we can do the massage instead. However she lied to me that the herbal spa was faulty as I did question her more over what I heard. She reiterated it's technical fault and it was spoilt a few mins ago before my appointment and not due to human error. I did not even scold them for messing it up so why lie to me when I have heard everything? Totally no honesty at all. It would be better if they told me honestly and apologized to me politely. End up I had to do the massage. The masseur assigned to me this time was good though. Her skills was good and she stopped pushing me for more for other treatments when I sounded disinterested. After the session, I tried booking an appointment on the spot to prevent such misunderstanding from happening again. I sat right in front of counter staff for appointment booking and she suddenly talked to another regular customer who just came out.. I waited for her to talk finish and gave her a date. To add on my fire was, when I gave an appt date and told her she can allocate any masseur for me, she was hesitating who to give me. I just walked off and told her I'll call again. Even I am dressed sloppily or look young, is my money not money? Too bad I can't get a refund and have to continue with whatever sessions left. The massage was not bad. Just not the service.

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Among their many services are the following:


  • Relaxing Body Massage
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Energy Hot Stone Massage
  • Meridian Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Neck & Shoulder Therapeutic Treatment
  • Health & Lung Therapeutic Treatment
  • Spine Care Treatment
  • Stomach Care Treatment
  • Bust Care Treatment
  • Feminine Care Treatment
  • Kidney & Liver Balancing Care Treatment
  • TCM Meridian Treatment
  • TCM Lumbar Therapy
  • Detox Treatment
  • Reduce 3 High Symptoms Care
  • TCM Arthritis Care
  • TCM Moxibustion Treatment
  • TCM Energy Hot Stone Treatment
  • Scraping Treatment
  • TCM Fire Treatment
  • TCM Mud Moxibustion
  • TCM Detox Cupping Therapy
  • TCM Moxibustion Apparatus
  • TCM Foot Moxibustion
  • TCM Infrared Therapy
  • TCM Herbal Oil
  • TCM Herbal Mask


  • Deep Cleansing Facial
  • Phyto Hydrating Facial
  • Ultrasonic Treatment
  • Bio-Collagen Facial
  • Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment
  • Porcelain Whitening Facial
  • Stem Cell Treatment
  • RF Face Lift RF
  • Image IPeel Treatment Image
  • O2 Face Jet
  • Excel Light Therapy
  • Meridian Rejuvenating Treatment
  • V Face Therapy V
  • IDPL Facial Therapy IDPL
  • Multi Shape Facial Treatment
  • H80 Pigmentation Care
  • Thermage Face Lift
  • 6D Anti-Aging Treatment 6D


  • Gua Sha Eye Treatment
  • Collagen Eye Treatment
  • Bio Eye Treatment Bio
  • IDPL Underarm
  • IDPL Full Arm
  • IDPL Full Leg
  • IDPL Bikini
  • IDPL Upper Lip
  • Hydro Whitening Neck Treatment
  • Collagen Neck Care
  • Thermage Firming Neck Treatment
  • Multi Shape Body Care
  • Slim Cryo Fat Freeze


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