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J Studios

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J Studios is a beauty salon that was founded by Jerrie Man in 2011. It started as a small home-based beauty salon, that the brilliant founder turned into a professional beauty boutique and incorporated J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd, which now offers a wide-range of products and services.

J Studios prides itself on the personalised and friendly atmosphere the beauty boutique provides for each and every client. From facial to body and hair care, J Studios offer a wide variety of treatment menu that provides an extensive selection of treatments and therapies that are tailored to suit your needs.

J Studios provides a very cozy environment to all its clients and is very proud of the friendly and personalized atmosphere it has. J Studios understands that your needs are not only just limited to treatments, and hence it also offers skincare products to enhance your treatment experience.

At J Studios, the client’s comfort and satisfaction is their priority. Their personalised and tailored services help customers achieve effective results in the shortest time while maintaining a great treatment experience every session at an affordable price.

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