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Kansha Hair Design

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Kansha Hair Design is a Japanese hair salon that is full of creative and homey space as they welcome and excite all guests with Japanese “OMOTENASHI” hospitality. The word “Kansha” means “gratitude” in Japanese.

Each and every staff at Kansha Hair Design welcome all of their guests with sincere and hearty gratitude, preparing to provide every guest with a sense of satisfaction and inspiration but other than that, Kansha Hair Design also offers high quality services like Haircut & Rebonding, Hair Colour, Japanese Wave and Digital Wave.

Kansha Hair Design values each and every customer who avails the high quality technique and service and they are proud to make you smile. As a premium hair salon Kansha Hair Design is also dedicated to hair care, using organic hair color and carbonated hair care. Feel free to consult with us anything about your hair.

Kansha Hair Design is a place where you can drop by anytime to consult just about anything concerning your hair and hairstyle in a comfortable, safe, and friendly atmosphere. Every experienced staff with a great deal of expertise will reach out to every guest to meet each individual requests.

At Kansha Hair Design they offer a homey and welcoming atmosphere making it easy for our guests to speak freely and comfortably. Through polite and detailed counseling, we propose our guests with desired hairstyles. They are also, flexible in responding to any requests.