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Kelyn Esther


Kelyn Esther is one of Singapore’s premier beauty salon that offers 5 exciting range of beauty therapies and treats different skin types and conditions ranging from matured and wrinkled skin to sensitive and acne prone skin. The services include facials, body therapy and hair removal services.

With Kelyn Esther’s extensive research, innovation and stringent product evaluation,  they have developed a complete range of professional hair care, skin care and makeup products that are customized to your needs at any time of your life.

At Kelyn Esther, they treatment products for professional cosmetologists and aestheticians help many day spas and beauty salon offer effective and efficient beauty therapies upholding their mission that is to take care of beauty. Their revolutionary products are manufactured from their advanced portfolio of active ingredients that are produced using peptide synthesis, extraction of natural substances and biotechnology sourced from Israel, Europe, and USA.

Lastly, their products make use of powerful microencapsulation technologies that control the release of ingredients’ functionality, stability, and efficiency until they are applied. Kelyn Esther’s product line also extends into the field of natural and organic ingredients with high-quality extracts that meet strict guidelines set by certification bodies such as ECOCERT®, USDA ORGANIC®, and BIO SUSSIETM.