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Wheelock Place #04-03 501 Orchard Road S(238880)

Kenaris Hair Salon

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Kenaris Hair Salon features a strong team of experienced hair stylists and is a hair salon in Singapore that offers a wide range of services like haircut, blow dry, perm, rebonding, colouring and scalp treatment.

Kenaris Hair Salon is tucked away in a quiet corner on the fourth floor of upscale Wheelock Place, Kenaris Hair Salon is not the type of hair salon you would randomly walk in. The urban and spacious décor clues you in to their main customer base: chic sophisticated working professionals, most of whom had been recommended to Kenaris’ illustrious stylist team by friends and colleagues.

From founders Ken and Aris who were prominent hairstylists from the 1990s to artistic director Jimmy who worked on countless magazine shoots and Vincent Soh who won several hair competitions, each one of Kenaris’ hairstylist is an experienced hair professional whose sole mission is to make their customer look and feel good.

As Aris shares, Kenaris is not the right hair salon if you are looking for crazy hair colours that fade off in a matter of days. Instead, Kenaris is THE PLACE for a classy stylish hairstyle that fits well with your personality, lifestyle and designation and still look good weeks and months after you step out of the salon.