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Kimiyo-G Beauty was created with the sole purpose of providing a holistic approach towards the beauty, health and wellness of everyone, through youthfulness to maturity.

The word “Kimiyo” is a Japanese name which means “Beauty of the Century”, and this name was purposefully chosen as it perfectly complements our principal culture of believing in everyone that ‘Being Beautiful is Your Birthright’ to be one of the best Beauty salons in Singapore that offers nail services, Eyebrow Design & Trimming, Classic Eyebrow Embroidery as well as different facials and treatments like Bio Clear Facial, Skin Solution Treatment, Crystal Peel Facial.

Kimiyo-G Beauty’s vision is to ensure the delight of every valued customer and enable them to enjoy a beautiful and more rewarding life through their beauty and wellness treatments, which inspiration springs from the very essence of Japanese lifestyle of beauty and wellness.

Kimiyo-G Beauty offers the entire gamut of face, body, and nail treatments under one roof. The salon uses only the highest quality of products to provide various beauty services including eyelash extensions, pedicure, manicure, facials, waxing, spa, and more. Book a visit to this true urban oasis to cater to all your body and mind’s demands.




Crystal peel facial is the best

Avatar ian
Beauty Salon

Kimiyo-G Beauty Salon

Kimiyo-G Beauty Salon offers crystal peel facial and I could say that this is the best in Singapore. I would love to try it again and again.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Nail Services
    • Color Gelish Only – Hands
    • Express OPI – Hands
    • Express Gel – Hands
    • Classic OPI – Hands
    • Classic Gel – Hands
    • Express Gel – Feet
    • Classic OPI – Feet
    • Classic Gel – Feet
    • Color O.P.I Only – Feet
    • 3 In 1 Mani Spa VOESH
    • 4 In 1 Pedi Spa VOESH
    • Hard Gel Nail Tips – 10 Fingers
    • Nail Art
    • Manicure for Men
    • Express Gel Manicure
    • Classic Gel Manicure
    • 3 In 1 Mani Spa VOESH
  • Eyebrow Services
    • Eyebrow Design & Trimming
    • Classic Eyebrow Embroidery
    • Semi Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery
    • Korea Combo Eyebrow
    • Classic Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Face Solution
    • Bio Clear Facial
    • Skin Solution Treatment
    • Crystal Peel Facial
    • Anti-Ageing Treatment
    • Hydro Marine Treatment
    • 3 In 1 Facial Treatment
    • Eyelash Extension
    • Eyelash Extension
    • Natural Lash By Lash
    • Elegant Lash By Lash
    • Barbie Lash By Lash
    • Eyelash Extension – Touch Up
    • Barbie Lash by Lash (300 lashes)
  • Hair Removal
    • Waxing (Area)

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