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Kinetika Xtreme

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Kinetika Xtreme is a fully functional and well staffed fitness center in Singapore that is quickly becoming the fastest growing community of fitness lovers in the country.

Kinetika Xtreme meets all these challenges. Here, they are undeniably elegant yet efficient. At Kinetika Xtreme they have a three dimensional functional training compared to mundane one dimensional training. Dynamic movements through excellent program creation by Singapore’s only two Technogym Master Trainers.

Kinetika Xtreme Gym is also luxurious, you can prove this with those occasions when fitness training is not scheduled, you can just kick back and relax at their well maintained bar and indulge yourself.

This boutique gym runs group classes that specifically focus on workouts with the Kinesis™ machine—you can expect to perform moves like squats, lunges and chest presses with the machine during each high-tempo class. And not to worry if you’re unfit or injured—exercises are scaled according to your ability, and the machines can also be used for rehabilitation purposes.

Be uplifted by Kinetika Xtreme’s magnificent styling: revel in their sumptuous, Italian made Kinesis and ARKE using the finest materials available. You can also enjoy Zumba, Body Combat and Body Balance classes. Drive down to Kinetika Xtreme and let they professional trainers do the rest.