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Kiyone + Lim is one of the most well renowned Japanese Nail Salon in Singapore. At Kiyone + Lim they are advocating their nails as ‘Art for the heart’ and not just as a showpiece. At Kiyone + Lim they proudly bring their adorably creative & naturally refine designs on short nails to the shores of Singapore.

Kiyone nail salon written as ‘清音’ in Japanese is also pronounced as ‘Sei-on’, the resonant or ‘pure’ sound of 44 consonants in the phonology of Japanese language used from the past to present in everyday life as an indispensable tool of communication to connect with people.

This is their inspiration. Kiyone + Lim’s aim is to offer each of their customers a palette of nail treatment colors derived from a singular hue just as the myriad of expressions derived from the 44 sounds of ‘Sei-on’. kiyone+LIM. Our latest manicure salon in Singapore.