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Kizuki + Lim

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Kizuki + Lim has been made possible through the existence and value of LIM, making it one of Singapore’s most sought after and best Hair Salon offering services like haircut, perms, rebonding and shampoo treatments.

At Kizuki + Lim, they inspire the world by cultivating people to make it a happier place to live in. This became apparent when they begin to branch out LIM of Japan. They would like to bring this happiness through their skills and services with hopes that their customers will be able to feel out most satisfaction.

With minimalist design and cubist 3D faceted walls that have graced the pages of many design magazines and blogs, Kizuki + Lim has certainly made its statement as one of the most chic and stylish Japanese salons in Singapore.

You may not be here for a museum visit but the decor and artworks upon entry certainly makes you feel as if you’ve entered a whole new world.