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Kobayashi Hair Design


Kobayashi Hair Design is a beauty salon that is unlike the many neighbourhood-looking simply-decorated salons and shops in Far East Plaza, Singapore, Kobayashi’s clean sophisticated well-furnished salon and good-looking stylists stand out.

The salon has a white and grey theme, a modern contemporary design which creates a sense of simplicity, openness and modernity. They hope that Customers will find the ambience physically and mentally relaxing and therapeutic as their hair receives similar attention, like an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Kobayashi Hair Design aim to be a brand known for quality of hair treatment and customer service, with a team of stylists who provides that magic touch and value add to all who appreciates hair and beauty offering services like haircut, rebonding, coloring and hair treatments.

Lastly, Kobayashi Hair Design aspire to impress Customers with their honest pricing, service quality as well as professional team, thereby winning a large base of satisfied and loyal clientele.


acceptable price and service

Hair Salon

Kobayashi Hair Design

I discovered Kobayashi after Googling for a hair salon to go to for a nice haircut. I was assigned to Vivian and she is good at what she does, I am fascinated by hair stylist that actually evaluates my head shape before shaping my hair. People say you need a frequent trim with short hair, but my hair grows out so well after the cut, I could wait for more than 2 months! Highly recommended if a good cut is what you are looking for. Oh and also reasonable price. (:

been here for 3 times

Hair Salon

Kobayashi Hair Design

I do not ave any disappointment with this salon so far. I always ask for Penny coz she is very professional and experienced. Had a great time chatting with her and the team while having my hair taken care of. Would highly recommend her service!. I always walked out of the salon with great hair!

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Among their many services are the following:

    • Rebonding + Colour / Highlight / Hair Treatment + Cut
    • Rebonding + Cut
    • Digital Perm + Colour / Highlight / Hair Treatment + Cut
    • Digital Perm + Cut
    • Soft Perm + Colour / Highlight / Hair Treatment + Cut
    • Soft Perm + Cut
    • Colour + Highlight / Hair Treatment + Cut
    • Colour + Cut 
    • Colour + Cut
    • Colour + Cut + Lifestyle Scalp Treatment
    • Colour + Cut + Premium Japanese Scalp Treatment 
    • Fringe Cutless wash & blow
    • Children (<12 yr)Teen Boy/Girl (13-17 yr)
    • Men’s Cut and Ladies’ Cut 
    • Wash & Blow
    • Wash & Set/Style
    • Bridal Hair
    • Bunding/Braiding 
    • Soft Perm
    • Digital Perm SHISEIDO Premium Digital
    • Rebond SHISEIDO Premium Rebond
    • Fringe Rebond 
    • Colour CHROMATIC (non-ammonia)
    • Highlight CHROMATIC (non-ammonia)
    • Lightening (single)-subsequent +50%
    • Re-touch CHROMATIC (non-ammonia)
    • Foil Bleach(less wash & blow) 
    • MUCOTA AQUA Premium(moisture)
    • MUCOTA LUMINES Premium(colour)
    • MUCOTA ANTI-AGEING AQUA Premium(rejuvenate)
    • MUCOTA ARGAN OIL Premium Plus(with natural straight)
    • NAKANO MEDICATED Scalp Premium(deep cleansing)

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