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402 Orchard Road Delfi Orchard 05-20 Singapore
+65 6836 5965

La Vie Hairdressing


La Vie Hairdressing is a chic hair salon that first graced the public with its brilliant hair styles and services since it was first opened to the public in 2008.

According to their facebook page, the La Vie hairdressing, although the hair salon started in 2008, it is a home for professional stylists with over 20 year experience. Offering a wide array of different services, La Vie Hairdressing is a go to salon for haircut and colour, styling, Japanese and Korean perms, rebonding, different hair treatments and so much more!

It doesn’t stop there, La Vie Hairdressing is also the go to salon for men who are in need of a good styling, haircut and/or hair color! The constant focus on quality has become its main rule. It is also comfortably designed to guarantee you a great experience.

La Vie Hairdressing hold a strong reputation for having a strong experience acquired over the years and presence in international Fashion Shows. La Vie Hairdressing is sure to be one of the most outstanding and excellent hair salons to ever grace Singapore.