Beauty Salon
13 Stamford Road, #02-30 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905
+65 6337 0060



L’Essenza, a beauty salon in Singapore located in Capitol Piazza, was established in 1998. Its pride remains in providing only the highest quality service in the most luxurious and spacious environment. It is dedicated to improving and restoring beauty for women.

L`Essenza was founded with the thought that it wanted to be more than just a beauty salon. A beauty salon is simply an establishment where women go to improve and enhance their skin. At L`Essenza, they want to be more than that.

They offer a wide variety of services like Profilift Face Treatment, Collagen Face Treatment, and Cryolift Face Treatment.

At L’Essenza they hope that when their customers continue choosing to come to them, they feel as if they are coming home. By providing the right treatment, your skin will become beautiful; by providing a place where one’s worries can be momentarily forgotten- this is where you can truly rest your mind and soul.

At L’Essenza you can choose from a luxurious range of both face and body treatments, regardless of skin type or any issues you may have. Come and revel in the luxuries and achieve flawless skin!