Monso Hair Design
  • 232 River Valley Road Singapore 238290
  • 6836-5585

Monso Hair Design

Introduction of salon hair-friendly organic materials, babysitter resident and
monso hair design for customers with small children are always managing a hair salon for customer-oriented purposes.

All of the stylists are supported by many customers, with all those who are safe Japanese, and also the only one menu tailored to the climate of Singapore, such as natural ingredient Henacolor not found in other Japanese hair salons.

As the best hair salon partner in Singapore, monso hair design will continue offering secure hair treatment service in the future. Please come and visit monso hair design by all means if you have trouble with hair and consultation.
We are waiting for you by everyone’s visiting staff.



Monso Hair Design

Monso Hair Design

Yes, they have friendly staff with many complimentary drinks. However, salon is too pricey for their unschooled hairstylist. I tried Monso because I thought that maybe because of the price, it will turn out extravagant, but no! Just turned out frustrated. Was puzzled with my haircut that I thought it is not yet done because it does not changed too much at all but yeah haircut is done without much difference. I should have just went to much more cheap but famous salon out there. Anyway, there will not be any nx time for them.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Hair Cut
  • Wash & Blow
  • Colour
  • Perm
  • Hair Treatment
  • Spa

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