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  • 96 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218001

Nakshatra Beauty Spa


Nakshatra Beauty & Spa is one of Singapore’s beauty salon that came from the country of spices, India. Nakshatra Beauty & Spa aims to be the best beauty salon in Singapore providing affordable facials like Acne Treatment, Whitening Facial, Collagen Facial, Hydrating Facial, Skin Rejuvenating Facial, Oxygenating Facial, Gold Facial.

Nakshatra Beauty & Spa also offers Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Women’s Manicure & Pedicure, Hair removal, Waxing as well as hair treatments like Dandruff Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment, Protein Treatment




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Among their many services are the following:

  • Face Treatment
    • Acne Treatment
    • Whitening Facial
    • Collagen Facial
    • Hydrating Facial
    • Skin Rejuvenating Facial
    • Oxygenating Facial
    • Gold Facial
  • Nails
    • Classic Manicure
    • Classic Pedicure
    • Women’s Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair Removal / Waxing
    • Half Arm Waxing
    • Full Arm Waxing
    • Underarm Waxing
    • Half Leg Waxing
    • Full Leg Waxing
    • Stomach Waxing
    • Brazilian Waxing
    • Bikini Line Waxing
    • Full Face Waxing
    • Full Body Waxing
  • Hair Treatment
    • Dandruff Treatment
    • Hair Loss Treatment
    • Protein Treatment

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