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142 East Coast Road, Marine Parade, 428832, Singapore
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Orchidée is a Beauty Salon in Singapore which has been built on the mission: Refresh and Rejuvenate.

Offering a wide variety of treatments for the beautification of the face like Orchidee Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Facial Treatment, Orchidee Hydrating and Firming Facial Treatment, Orchidee Skin Brightening Facial Treatment and Orchidee MediBac Clearing™ Professional Treatment.

Orchidée aspires to provide every customer an experience they deserve- refreshed and rejuvenated in your skin, mind and spirit through each visit here. In addition, Orchidée aims to bring in education of skincare regime to all their customers through their service motto: Quality Skincare services through education.

Along with each treatment with their Beauty salon in Singapore, Orchidée aims to facilitate your knowledge of your own home-care to maintain and enhance your skin at home at a pace and budget suitable to your lifestyle.

Lastly, Orchidée promises to restore your natural skin with their nurturing skin care in Singapore.