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At Pediglass nail salon Singapore – Ingrown Nail Care, we offer a modern and painless solution to treat your ingrown/pincer nails, in a painless and natural method that restores your nails to its natural condition. Throughout all steps of the process, we employ various nail treatment methods to keep the procedure hygienic and safe.

Pediglass Technology is a highly reliable technology developed and successfully practised in many Nail salons in Japan over the last 20 years. All our Technicians are certified by Pediglass Japan after vigorous and skilful training.


For the nails :)

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Nail Salon


As I was typing this, I can't help but adore my nails. Pediglass is a really big help especially is you are suffering from nail ingrowns and stuff.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Callus / Corn Removal (Mild)
  • Callus / Corn Removal (Moderate)
  • Brittle / Cracked Nail treatment
  • Spoon Nail Treatment
  • Nail Care (both feet)

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