Beauty Salon
International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #02-80A Singapore 079903
+65 6221 9967

Perfect Brows by Desi


Perfect Brows by Desi is a beauty salon specializing on eyebrow and eyelash embroidery in Singapore. Perfect Brows by Desi is comfortably seated in the International Plaza in the heart of the Central Business District where you can visit anytime you feel like you need to refresh to beauty!

At Perfect Brows by Desi, their service ranges from Eyebrow Shaping, Semi-Permanent Brow Embroidery , Natural Stay Lips Embroidery, Sexy Pouty Lips Embroidery, Beautifying Upper Eyelids Eyeliner Embroidery to Natural Eyeliner Embroidery.

Desi has made it her mission to perfect all eyebrows in Singapore. A skilled therapist, she has an incredible technique and an eye for beauty. She will ensure that your eyebrows and lips suit your personality, your face shape and your desired look. Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable setting with wonderful staff who will make your brows perfect.