PHS HAIRSCIENCE is a Hair Spa in Singapore leader in the world of premium trichology. Founded in Singapore in 2006, PHS HAIRSCIENCE was born out of the quest to deliver the promise of healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

With revolutionary new concepts in scalp and hair treatments and products, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has curated a harmonious balance between the wonders of nature and the precision of technology to provide Professional Holistic Solutions.

Since its inception, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has administered over 10,000 treatment programmes and cultivated a wealth of experience in formulating unparalleled products and treatments.

To date, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has garnered over 30 awards and recognition from beauty experts, leading international beauty publications as well as government agencies for providing customers with exceptional solutions to their scalp and hair needs.

Moving forward, PHS HAIRSCIENCE aims to expand towards global platforms and bring new innovations and solutions to the world of trichology.

Advance Scalp Repair Therapy

From dandruff to oily hair, Advance Scalp Repair Therapy unclogs pores and restores scalp health to allow hair nutrients to be absorbed. It uses the highest concentrations of natural botanical essences together with cutting-edge technology to restore scalps pH levels leaving you with a healthy and nourished scalp! This scalp treatment is developed by certified Trichologists specified for unhealthy pores and limp or damaged hair/ Just 90 minutes is all your need for instant results.

Product Highlights

Customised Treatment
Effective & Safe
Free of harmful additives

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