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Polished Hand + Foot Spa


Polished Hand + Foot Spa is a nail and beauty salon in Singapore that offers services from Gelish Manicure & Pedicure, The Classic Gelish – Manicure, The Classic Gelish – Pedicure, Underarm Waxing, Half Leg Waxing to Atache Lift Therapy and Atache Oily Skin Solution Facial.

Polished Hand + Foot Spa focuses on providing its customers top level service and hygiene. Keeping all services at prices that are affordable but at the same time making you look good after you leave the salon. Polished Hands+Foot Spa quests for perfection in nail care.

Polished Hand + Foot Spa all started because they realized how difficult it had become to find a nail place which offered the level of service and hygiene they wanted to keep going back to, without forking out half their beauty budget.

So Polished Hand + Foot Spa started what has become their quest for perfection in nail care. Here at Polished Hand + Foot Spa, they are an ambitious lot, and they want to give you the best of both worlds – top level service and hygiene, all at a price which makes you feel as good as you look after you leave them.



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Among their many services are the following:

  • Most Popular Treatment
    • The Quickie – Manicure 
  • Promotions
    • ATACHE C-Vital Facial + Classic Manicure & Pedicure
    • Classic Manicure & Pedicure
    • Gelish Manicure & Pedicure
    • The Classic Gelish – Manicure
    • The Classic Gelish – Pedicure
    • Underarm Waxing
    • Half Leg Waxing
    • Full Leg Waxing 
  • Nails
    • The Quickie – Pedicure
    • The Fastlane – Manicure
    • The Fastlane – Pedicure
    • The Classic – Manicure
    • The Sweet Orange Rejuve – Manicure
    • The Sweet Orange Rejuve – Pedicure
    • Spa Organics: Mandarin + Mango – Manicure
    • Spa Organics: Mandarin + Mango – Pedicure
    • Gel / Acrylic Extension
    • Gel / Acrylic Infill 
  • Facials
    • Atache C-Vital Anti-Aging Facial
    • ATACHE Lift Therapy
    • Atache Oily Skin Solution Facial
    • Atache Depigmen Brightening Facial
    • Atache Skin Renewal Facial ( Sensitive / Dry Skin)

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