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Privé Aesthetics

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Privé Aesthetics is an award-winning medi-spa offering professional solutions to help make you feel beautiful and confident inside out. Their wide variety of services include Cellulite Smoothie, Medical Silky Back Peel Treatment, Laser White Face therapy as well as Radiant Glow Face therapy.

Privé’s concept of beauty craftsmanship was inspired by their strong belief in taking scientific approach to beauty and blending art with your lifestyle.

At Privé Aesthetics, they are committed to helping you look – and feel – your very best using only the latest and most advanced technology with a strong focus on safety. They pride ourselves with their team of informative and professionally-trained experts who are committed to provide first class treatment and excellent customer service.

At Privé, they are deeply committed to long-term investment in intensive training, advanced technology and quality treatments with a strong focus on safety. Founded and trained by board-certified doctors, all their staff are professionally-trained. They pride ourselves on their excellent customer service and expertise across the Privé team.