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Queen’s Market

A cozy humble abode within Tanjong Pagar, Queen’s Market is one of the best finds we’ve uncovered for budget conscious ladies!

With great Japanese service, skillful therapists well versed in nail services, facials and eyelash extensions and prices that are light on the pocket, Queen’s Market is the latest Japanese beauty salon we are happy to recommend!

Do catch them before they are flooded with appointments from fellow Beauty Undercover readers

In the quiet shophouses in Tanjong Pagar lies a humble and cozy Japanese beauty salon called Queen’s Market.

Queen’s Market is definitely not the most luxurious beauty salon out there. The place is slightly cluttered and there isn’t as much privacy due to the lack of enclosed rooms.

If you can look past all that, however, you are likely to find one of the BEST VALUE Japanese beauty services we’ve seen thus far.

With great Japanese service and prices below $50 for Gel Manicures (including hand treatment and soak off) and $50 for eyelash extensions for first timers, Queen’s Market offers an almost unbeatable mix of service and price!

We particularly love their soft gel manicures (which causes less damage to the nail cuticle as compared to normal gelish) and relaxing facials which are painless and suitable even for people with sensitive skin!

Definitely a must try for budget-conscious babes looking for great value beauty services!


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