4 Upper Cross Street, #02-166, Singapore 050034
+65 6458 8198

Rejoice Wellness Clinic


Rejoice Wellness Clinic is a spa in Singapore focusing on the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Board-approved TCM clinic and it was first opened to the public when was established in 2011.

Rejoice Wellness Clinic offers different kinds of spa treatments like their most famous TCM Physician Consultation with Acupoint Massage and Meridian Slimming Treatment, Tuina & Cupping Treatment as well as a variety of Facial Treatments.

At Rejoice Wellness Clinic, their physicians are qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB) physicians. According to them being joyous is like having good medicine, they hope that every employee and customer will be joyful, have healthy bodies and blissful families.

Rejoice Wellness Clinic believes that “family harmony is dependent on every individual’s good health”, and they are actively creating Singapore’s first TCM clinic based on TCM’s illness prevention, promoting TCM’s culture of cultivating, beautifying and nourishing in order to take extra care of the health of each and every customer,

Rejoice Wellness Clinic is dedicated to providing professional treatment with excellent service in a comfortable environment.