Wellness Center
Blk 63 Kallang Bahru #01-427 Singapore 330063

Ri An TCM Clinic


Ri An TCM Clinic is a TCM Practitioners’ Board approved TCM clinic and wellness center in Singapore. Their service philosophy is “Healthy days, peaceful lives” offering services like

At Ri An TCM Clinic, the team of physicians consists of professionals with many years of clinical experience, skilled in treating women illnesses children’s illnesses pain management and internal medicine illnesses.

A visit at Ri An TCM Clinic usually starts with consultation. A typical consultation involves the physician listening to your story, as well as gather information from other “nonverbal elements,” such as your complexion, demeanor, voice, and bodily sounds. The physician will also examine your tongue and take your pulse.

If you require special consultations to know your body condition and have a wellness plan, we also provide such service.

They most renowned service is the Chinese Herbal Medicine which regulates the body functions for the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Wherein they use high quality herbal powdered extracts that are without pharmaceutical additions or heavy metals.  Herbal medicines are especially effective in Internal Medicine conditions and for overall general rehabilitation from disease and injury.